Clean air, and clean water, clean soil, clean food is what I represent. We are placed on this earth it was perfect so therefore it is our job to keep it perfect. Pollution is a huge concern of mine and to eliminate it by all means is my goal. 1. Stopping the burning of these fossil fuels, I'm a firm believer in renewable energy. We need all sources of alternative energy. There are many options we can choose other than using fossil fuels. 3. Stopping pesticides and herbicides. The pesticides are contaminating our soil,water, turf, and other vegetation. In addition to killing insects and weeds, pesticides can be toxic to a host of other organisms including birds, fish, and non-target plants, same as herbicides. 4. We're going to do away with gasoline powered vehicles and do electric. It can not only cause a number of health effects, but it is linked to a range of serious illnesses and diseases in humans, from respiratory problems to cancers. Stop the manufacturing and selling of cancer causing and harmful cigarettes- think of your life and others' when you smoke. They are endangering the lives of others, and yourself. Making it illegal is the best thing to do.  It is not good, and that's all to it. 5. All harmful food additives we must get rid of, an never allow then in our foods. 6. Changing our water system is a must. ban Fluoride. Change our water system to reverse osmosis is a must. All harmful products causing sickness or death for us and insects and animals. we get rid of. We need our oceans clean, Our sea life will live.  GO GREEN 


I'm all for a Universal Healthcare.Bernies healthcare is something i have in mind Pricey pharmaceuticals have to go. I love Pharmaceutical companies, but I think providing more natural methods of medicine is the way to go. Eliminate all medicines that are harmful in our bodies. I dont mind people keeping private insurance if they choose.


I'm for small businesses and would love to hear from those - any suggestions I'm all ears. and changes in Small Businesses will occur.


I believe wholeheartedly in employment laws. I believe we should do away with employment at will. No company should be able to fire you at will for no reason at all, and they are getting away with it. There has to be a very very extreme reason, such as violence in the workplace. Mandatory overtime needs to go you shouldn't have to work overtime if you don't want to. Time flies by so getting out and enjoying it is what it should be about. But overtime should be for those that want it. Breaks should be a right. Background checks: I believe if a citizen with a criminal record stays a law abiding citizen for a period of time then his or her record will not show up in a employers background check. We have to realize people do change. The FMLA act should be amended, I believe you should get some type of pay while you are out sick. I believe individuals should not have to wait for 12 months at a job just to get the benefits.... I think there has to be a change in the unemployment system, where there are better monitoring systems in place where we make sure there are no over payments made to recipients. 


Criminals are in every family unfortunately, Our job is to give them ways to change and lock up is a way when all else fails, I believe we need programs in jail where when in custody they can get a constant help. I propose every inmate needs to participate in a motivational class and a stop doing what your doing class to teach them to change their behaviors. The effects of what they do,  and ways to stop it before they have to go to further incarceration.

       We need to make correctional facilities more of a punishment. Prisons are more relaxed in this day and age. We need to implement a system that will most definitely affect the offenders thinking pattern, that means disciplining these inmates as if we were disciplining our children. We will be grounding our inmates like were grounding our children.  We will be taking everything they like such as radios ,TVs. Phone privileges will not be open to whenever they choose, possibly 1 time a week is what the phone privileges be restricted to. There commissary will be extremely limited. I want to convert all open wide prisons to one man cells, no open yard if you want yard it will be restricted; no weights. Male Prisons will employ male guards. Female prisons will employ female guards. Taking away educational programs: we will keep rehabilitation programs, criminal thinking anger management, sex abuse classes. Offenders will only get minimum time out of cells. It will not be open yard. Prison and jail are not suppose to be day camps vacation spots. It is suppose to be a punishment. Also I'm in agreement with President Trump's proposal in not cutting time for for individuals who cooperate. You do the crime you do the time. You envolve yourself around those individuals you will be those induvudials. Also we will be raising the length of prison sentences.


I am for legal immigration. We do need to know who is in our country.  DNA of Immigrants should be placed in FBI data bases.,I would like to see what these countries can do to protect their citizens, and if we have, establish, an agreement , then we will


I'm all in for continuing to protect Social Security and Medicare. I'm for medicare. Im not for priviatizing. We have  a duty to take care of our seniors and retirees. They've worked hard and paid their money into these systems why stop the process now. I'm for raising the money for disability recipients, some social security.  We need more opportunities for seniors when it comes to getting their medication and stop limiting providers they can go to.


More than a 5% tax on fortunes over 50 million, And more than  10% tax on fortunes over 1 billion and a tax on fortunes under 50 million. Im also taxing all property real estate, vehicles, stock portfolios or other assets In the United States, or held outside the States, And putting money somewhere in other countries will be stipulated.


Fixing homlessness is a must. I dont want to see our streets. Homeownership I believe is part of the American Dream for us that doesnt have one, There should be a cancellation of bad credit all together give a fresh start. Focusing on the Young Americans, that choose to get out on there own,providing housing to those that work or go to school


I believe in the forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge of student loans. I say free tuition, for qualifying individuals. Also making it easier to go back to school if they decide to go back. I believe our elementary, jr high and high school system shouldn't just be here for reading, writing and arithmetic, but to teach and remind our kids of work ethic, goals, dangers of gangs drugs guns, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. The outcomes of life choices and the consequences of a non productive positive life should be taught. Remind the children of negative peer pressure and how to deal with it. Teach what to do in bullying situations and remind about hygiene and abstinence. Teach the kids of good and bad credit. Abstience, and safe sex, hopeful we dont have to because I want to change the age of consent law to 18


Even though I am 100% against war,  I do believe in helping our veterans. 


We need to figure out all this war play and talk it out to come up with solutions. If we feel as though other countries want to annihilate us or there people we must keep a defense, we must come up with a solution. We need to do away with nuclear weapons. And no longer will it be where you have to sign up for Selective Service. 


People want gun control, I want gun control, the only and best gun control I have for us is Tranqulizer guns. And that goes for law enforcement, also.